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Cartoon of Self Refusing to Run, Agreeing to Run, and Being Threatened with Recall Petition.
Self-Portrait from Sherwood Post, December 1982.

Elect Clyde List Mayor of Sherwood

[ Paid Advertisement in 1979 Sherwood Tribune ]

I've been thinking. There is nothing quite like Making Decisions. You may be indecisive. You may be bold and innovative. You may be constantly putting things off until tomorrow. But the interesting thing is that you can't choose not to choose. You can't decide not to decide. That's interesting, but what's REALLY interesting is that some of the really important decisions we make are accidental. We don't even know that we've made them.

Like the fellow who swam across a pool of man-eating sharks and received a million dollars for the feat.

"Thanks." He told the sponsor of the contest, "Now I'm going to find that @*/! who pushed me in!" Sometime in the past our ancestors came across the sea. They often had some really peculiar ideas about what they were going to do here. Some were going to preach to the Indians. Some were going to stay only long enough to pick up a handfull of gold and take it home with them. Some were looking for wild animals to shoot. But whatever their reasons, the fact is, they came, and we their descendents are glad it happened.

So many tremendous decisions like that are still possible. Maybe there are untold adventures that we have already launched without realizing it. Sherwood has great growth potential. Downtown, once written off as commercially obsolete, is seeing an increase in property value. Rumors circulate that passenger trains might return within the next twenty years or so. Downtown sponsored the Robin Hood Festival for the first time in many years and that was inspiring (at least to me). Maybe there's some life left in the heart of our community yet.

....It's all a possibility, but we still have to decide. There are committees to join, programs to organize, bonds to sell, decisions to make. And as it happens, officials to elect.

Elect a decision maker as your city's top official. Elect Clyde List Mayor of Sherwood. He knows how to make his mind up.

Copyright 2005 by Clyde List

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